Another Sadhana Quote, Maya Tiwari

WITH YOU, I BREATHE: A forty day yoga column

#29: Another Sadhana Quote, Maya

Lauren Maher, one of my yoga instructors, shared this quote about sadhana by Maya Tiwari, who is an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word whose root, sadh, means to reclaim that which is divine within us, our power to heal, serve, rejoice, and uplift the spirit. Sadhana practices encompass all our daily activities, from the simple to the sublime – from cooking a meal to exploring your inner self through meditation. The goal of sadhana is to enable you to recover your natural rhythms and realign your inner life and daily habits with the cycles of the universe. When you begin to live and move with the rhythms of nature, your mind becomes more lucid and more peaceful and your health improves. Your entire life becomes easier.

As you being your journey along the pace of practice, you  must make the promise to yourself that you are willing to take a very clear look at yourself. Allow yourself to recognize the various disguises and false faces that you have assumed over the years. As you come to acknowledge and know each one, you will also come to see beyond them to your truest self. As you find out more about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, you will also learn about your body, mind and spirit, and their innate power. You will awaken to your own self-healing abilities.”


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