Breathing Patterns, a little about healing

WITH YOU, I BREATH:  A forty day yoga column

#24: Breathing Patterns, a little about healing

I’ve interrupted, not allowing people to finish, and, for the most part, I didn’t care. I was unapologetic. Someone asked me a question and fifteen minutes later I was still talking. They call this form of breathing pattern, “breath grabbing.”

For so long I did not say much, spoke  softly,  and felt nervous to speak. I was always apologetic for my words and very presence.  They call this form of breathing pattern “throat holding.”

I went from one form of communication to the exact opposite.  I allowed myself to do so, to talk and talk and talk because I knew it to be my healing process. I open myself to the healing process because I have faith in healing and I have self-respect.

With words, I light up parts of my life, for my healing and for the collective healing. I wonder what parts of your life, you would like to light up. I wonder, too, what might be stopping you.

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