Yoga Studio Recommendations (near Silver Lake and Pasadena)

WITH YOU, I BREATHE: A forty day yoga column

#22: Yoga Studio Recommendations (near Silver Lake and Pasadena)

Q: So, as I told ya a couple weeks ago, I just started looking into Yoga. I was going to start taking classes at  yoga studio in Pasadena, but they are very expensive and money’s tight right now for me. Could you recommend any good yoga places in the Silver Lake/Pasadena/No LA areas??? I’m not really looking to do intensive Yoga at this time, but more to center myself and de-stress, etc. Any input you might have would be GREATLY welcomed!

A: I’d be happy to give you some recommendations! These studios will generally be $15 for each class. Most studios, however, offer community classes and they range from $5-10. As a new student, you can get some great new student discounts on first classes or series. The pricing is available on the studio’s website.

Below I mention teachers who you might like but people like various teachers for personal reasons, so my favorite classes may not be your favorite classes. Since you want classes that will soothe and center you, I recommend you take a look at the descriptions of the classes and find one that sounds gentle and relaxing.

Yoga House in Pasadena has many classes and many teachers and I tend to feel relaxed as soon as I enter the door because their beautiful studio design. I like their beginner classes, especially with Hanna, who happens to love music, and they offer gentle and restorative classes, which are classes that are geared toward releasing tension and resting. Yoga House is less than the studio you mentioned, offers community classes, and new student discounts. The first class is free and they always offer free yogi tea.

Silver Lake Yoga is a studio that offers a variety of classes with teachers who are trained in various styles, and also offers community classes for students on a tight budget. If you want an internal and relaxing experience, I’d stay away from flow classes and since you’re a beginner, I’d stay away from mixed level classes. Take a look at the class descriptions and see if one speaks to you!

Yogavidala located in Los Feliz, near Vermont and Franklin, is a beautiful, new studio recently opened by amazing instructor Patty Pierce. Their prices range from $10 to $15. In terms of instructors, Patty’s classes can be intense and centering. I also find Lauren’s class to be centering and calming. Her classes can be intensive but she encourages students to listen to their breath and body, so you can always take breaks. When I took Nina classes, I found her energy to be calming and light.

Last but not least: Heartbeat House in Atwater Village is a dance studio that offers yoga community classes for $7. Every Tuesday night, I do my best to make it to Amber’s class, which is centering and relaxing. She incorporates Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Therapy Yoga into her evening classes. She was my first yoga teacher and one of my favorite instructors and people of all time. I think her class is a great class for beginners and those who want to relieve stress.

Hope it helps!

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