Meditation in Action, A Link to a Seane Corn Interview

WITH YOU, I BREATH:  A forty day yoga practice

#21 Seane Corn Interviews, A Link to a Seane Corn Interview

I’m currently listening to a public radio interview with Seane Corn, a well-known American based yoga teacher. She grew up in a working class home in New Jersey and decided to move to New York at seventeen years old, not to go to college, but to experience the city. She got a job as a waitress and spent the rest of the time partying, doing drugs and she enjoyed getting high.

At the age of nineteen, she found herself doing yoga, going to therapy, and battling a case of obsessive compulsive disorder that was getting in the way of her life. She continued practicing yoga and experienced a transformative experience with both her body and mind.

Currently she’s a celebrated yoga teacher with almost celebrity status. She’s been on the cover of numerous yoga magazines, teaches classes, and workshops. She’s started Off the Mat and Into the World, a nonprofit that connect yoga to activism. To listen to her story, listen to Meditation in Action.



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