10th Body, Radiant Body

WITH YOU, I BREATHE: A forty day yoga column

#11: 10th Body, Radiant Body

Yesterday I was sitting outside a cafe Colorado and Eagle Rock Boulevard at the Eagle Rock Music Festival, talking to my friend about how I was growing out my hair. Then I started rambling. Maybe because of the heat and the people watching and the dehydration and found myself telling her I was growing out my hair because I wanted too and also it helped with my energy. Then I realized I could not articulate what I was talking about to her and she happens to have hair that is less than an inch long. I don’t know, I said. Something to do with yoga philosophy.

This morning, I figured I’d refresh my memory about the link between my energy and the hair on my head. I remembered it had to do with Kundalini Yoga and the ten bodies.  According to Kundalini yoga, people have 10 bodies, one of which includes is physical body and other nine have to do with the mind and energy.

The last body, the tenth body is called “The Radiant Body” and has to do with your presence. The idea is that if your radiant body is weak, you’re likely to shy away from people. You are uncomfortable being center of attention and when you are center of attention, you come across as fearful, timid, and maybe even inarticulate. If people compliment you or point out your strengths, you’re likely to dismiss them or want to deflect attention.

If the 10th body is strong, you are graceful and have a powerful presence and can easily speak and project your ideas, thoughts, a d emotions. You will feel comfortable and confident and people will naturally be attracted to you. It’s not that you’ll seek out being center of attention, it’s more like it will just happens.

According to Kundalini Yoga, you can do various physical and mental exercises to increase your radiant body. The exercises vary from physical movements to mantras. One of the things you can do is grow your hair, keep it uncut. I’m growing out my hair because I like how it’s growing out. A bonus is that growing out my hair might help with my radiance.  Sure. I’ll take it, I’ll believe it. Why not?

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