With You I Breath: A Yoga Column

No. 1, Let’s Talk Sadhana

I’m starting a forty day yoga column on “fishes and honey” for my second ever Sadhana. Before I continue with why I chose this particular sadhana, I think it’d be helpful to explain what exactly is a sadhana.

Sadhana, in short, is a forty day personal practice. Many yogis practice sadhana. It is a practice that cultivates discipline and commitment. Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini to America–Los Angeles, in fact–said of sadhana, “Getting up for sadhana in the morning is a totally selfish act – for personal strength, for personal intuition, for personal sharpness, for personal discipline, and overall for absolute personal prosperity.”

There are all kinds of sadhana. Some people do physical practices. I heard of one woman who cleaned her cupboards for 40 days and another woman who woke up at 4 a.m. to practice mantra with other yogi at a Kundalini studio. Sadhanas are inherently personal, so they vary from student to student. The idea is to do something which is challenging enough to do for forty days but not too challenging because the practice needs to be sustained for a while.

I’m starting “With you I breathe” on this blog and will write about all things yoga related, which include philosophy, poses, students, and I’ll also do my best to  answer questions that any reader may have about their yoga or their yoga practice.I’m not an expert by any means but I am curious and can do my best to discover the answer by research.

Earlier this year I started training to be a certified yoga teacher and each month, I learn more and more and more information about all things yoga related. The yoga I’m learning about is Hatha, Kundalini, and Yoga Therapy. In an effort to process this information, I’m starting this forty day yoga column, which I hope will cultivate commitment and discipline, as well as help me feel confident with the information I’ve learned during my training.

If you’re curious about yoga or a yoga nerd, I think you’ll like this column. I’m pretty excited about it.

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