Los Angeles Rumpus Event: You Want to Know, What is The Rumpus?

When I tell people about The Rumpus Event in Los Angeles, which is just going to be a big excuse to rock out, they say, What’s The Rumpus?

Which should not surprise me because that’s what people ask me, often. Still it does surprise me. It surprises me in way that’s similar to when people visit LA and comment, No one in this city makes eye contact.  I am surprised because I live in LA and make eye contact but it’s probably true most people in LA do not.

And anyway–that’s the main reason I wanted to put on this event–to spread the word about The Rumpus because I think people who live in LA would like it. That and I like to have fun and this event is just gonna be a fun party.

But to actually answer the question:

The Rumpus is an online magazine which main focus is to publish good writing. The Rumpus was started by one of my favorite writers, Stephen Elliott.  Stephen Elliott has written many books, most recently The Adderall Diaries. My favorite thing he has ever written is “The Score.” Currently, he’s working on editing his movie “Cherry.” (A little about the movie here.) Stephen Elliott will actually be at The Rumpus Event in Los Angeles because he happens to be in process of editing the film. The LA Times actually did a piece about The Rumpus a little while ago, which you can read here.
The Rumpus is managed by Isaac Fitzgerald, who is a handsome man, loves literature, and works very hard. In fact, he only takes vacation to follow comedians (one comedian, Kyle Kinane) around the country and even then secretly works on The Rumpus when no one is looking. Oh, and he does it for free. Also: read about his Travels with Kyle. You can also read a Rumpus Interview with Isaac to learn more about him.

On a side note, Stephen and Isaac have matching Rumpus tattoos which is a little ridicous and adorable all at once. They may or may not have gotten them on Valentine’s Day. I want to say they did because that makes a better story.

The Rumpus publishes reviews, interviews, and personal essays. They have a poetry and fiction book club and several columns. I’m not the best at explaining things. I just want to point you in the right direction.

One of my favorite columns is Dear Sugar . Read it and weep. Read it and heal. She’s amazing. My favorite columns include (but not at all limited to) The Empty Bowl and Write Like a Motherfucker.

The lovely Elissa Bassist also works very hard at her column Funny Women. So if you think women are funny, that’s a good place to spend your time. Oh, and if you don’t think women are funny, that is also a good place to spend your time. In addition, the talented Dan Weiss of The Yellow Dress also has a Morning Coffee column for all your link needs.

They’ve done interview with Bill Callahan  and a lovely illustrated essay about bars in the Mission District titled “Meanhwhile, Mission Bartender.” They have a great series called “Conversation with Writers Braver than me” and one of my favorite of the series is with Vivian Gornick.

Basically, they have it all, which is cause to celebrate and fund raise for them. In my opinion.

Remember this Saturday:

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One Response to Los Angeles Rumpus Event: You Want to Know, What is The Rumpus?

  1. Miss Franberry says:

    Sad I am missing this. I am also a bad Rumpus book clubber- I’m behind two whole books! Time to buckle down and say goodbye to summer. You’ll have to write/tell me how it goes!!

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