On Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of myth and legend. She’s a city that shimmers with possibilities and lures in the dreamers.

If you want to take risks and follow your dreams–logic and practicality aside–people in Los Angeles will support you.

Los Angeles is not a concrete city like San Francisco or New York or Santa Cruz or Portland. You cannot say, You are this way–the way you can concretely describe San Francisco or Portland–because as soon as you do, she will change form. She is evasive and mysterious.

The reason she can so easily change form, so easily escape definition is the geography. She is spread out and each part of Los Angeles, even those that are just blocks away, have the potential of a very different reality.

I’m someone who has trouble staying, settling and because of this, I find myself staying and settling in Los Angeles. If only because I can have many fresh starts.

In 2007, I arrived in Los Angeles and had my nervous breakdown. But really, it was a break through. I had to fall apart, piece myself together again, to really live the life I wanted to live. I won’t get into details except to say my life consisted of driving to a cafe, checking out books from the library, going to therapy, and meeting a friend in the valley most days of the week.

In 2008, I had a job at a nonprofit in Los Angeles which served homeless women. I spent most days, most of my hours in skid row, talking with women who worked there and women who were homeless.

From 2009-2011, I worked at another nonprofit located in Echo Park. I spent most of hours with passionate co-workers, immigrant families living at poverty level, and volunteers who were creative, smart, and empathetic.

From 2008-Present: I spent a lot of my time, talking to yogis. There is a whole community of yogis in Los Angeles, who lead lives that are beautiful and inspiring.

There are more experiences I’ve had but I’m going to try to stay on point. My point is that my worlds do not intersect. I left the nonprofit in downtown and never saw those homeless women or coworkers again. My yoga teachers live a life so different from my former coworkers at Echo Park that they will not intersect. The lives that people lead in Los Angeles are vastly different and the geography is so spread out that the different worlds very rarely intersect.

The geography of Los Angeles allows me to hide pretty easily. I can venture to different cafes, libraries, restaurants, bookstores and know that I will most likely not see people from my recent past.

 For someone who loves to leave, Los Angeles is a perfect place to stay. It would seem that in the last four years, I have left many times, even though I’m still here.

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