jacarandas and jasmine and summer parties

I said: This reminds me of LA

He said: This reminds me of a movie about us in LA

We were at an art opening which was in a house on Oxford Street, near Western and Beverly. There was a bar and a band, and there was a style of the party and the style had something to do with goth or steampunk.

There were green lights projected from the roof toward the band and the lights split into little specks of green that moved slowly. The green lights looked  like electric insects moving slowly on the trees and the ground and the speakers. I felt like I was in a play production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream.

There were people who had graduated from an expensive grad school and they were talking about they’re doing now and this year’s senior art shows which was boring.

There were plenty of pretty people at the party but no one I wanted to talk to. Just people I’d maybe consider making out with and I was too bored and tired to make that happen.

I told my friends I was going to the bathroom, which I did, and then I walked out the door and around the block. I sat on the steps of a large apartment complex.

I picked a jasmine blossom of the bush and smelled the flowers. I put them in the pocket of my red vest and stared at the pink hibiscus in full bloom.

As I walked back to the party, I saw bright big purple flowers and drops of water hung from their thin green stems. The drops of water were from the apartment sprinklers.

At the party there were dream catchers on the trees and rectangular blocks that hung from string.

Are you going to leave? I asked my friend.

He said, yes.

I said, I’m bored.

He said, Me too.

As we walked to his car I noticed a pink rose garden underneath a large jacaranda tree. The jacaranda purple blossoms were on the ground and I could smell the pink roses in the warm air and I pulled out the jasmine blossom from my red vest and told my friend to smell jasmine because he is from Oakland and doesn’t know about jasmine or jacarandas. He does not know LA like I know LA but he would like to know. He put the jasmine to his nose and inhaled and he agreed it was a nice smell.

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