un dia

My writing teacher said she missed me and my writing, and I told her writing is on the back burner until I complete my yoga teacher training, which is more or less true.

* * *
My goal is to have some sort of heavy based writing/art project completed by the end of the yoga teacher training.

In this “thesis” I want everything in there:

I want to write about how my personal experience influences my understanding of the yoga sutras

I want to write about the parallels that exist between feminism and yoga

I want to write down all the sanskrit word that I want always to remember

I want to include my notes I took during class

I want the project to look aesthetically pleasing.

Maybe it will be a book or books, hand bound. Maybe it’ll include multimedia things. I have no idea but one day will. Un dia.

I want at the end of the training to have something concrete. I want a completed project that documents my transformation. I want to remember so I can become a better teacher to my future students. I want my project to be a gift to my teachers, a concrete way to show my gratitude.

* * *

My hands smell like turmeric because I’m making tea with turmeric, triphala, and ashwaghanda. At Brite Spot, I had a late night dinner with a friend and felt like I talked too much. When she left, I finished “The Things That Darken the Heart” and when I arrived home I started the next chapter “Actions Leave Traces.” The tea is ready and it’s 1:51 a.m. and I have to rise early to move my car because it’s in a tow away zone that starts at 7 a.m.

Un dia I’ll be better at resting. One day this restlessness with transform into calm and I will sleep when I am tired and eat when I am hungry and probably find street parking in legal places. Un dia voy a ser otra, like Juana Molina sings:

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